Ouch!! My Aching Back…

Got back pain? It's not the chair or your bed, and it's not the weather.

WebMD will reassure you that back pain is common, affecting 80% of the population at some point in their life, and that it's "non-specific," meaning there's no single cause for the pain.

Translation: it's not your fault. The small tissue tears and inflammation just...happen.

You know how to tell that this is feel-good BS? The solutions.

Check any website, ask any doctor, you'll get the same advice: move more, eat healthier, get better sleep.


And there's your reality check.

You're the Cause

If you're having back pain, odds are it's caused by the same thing that causes most of the country to have back pain: moving too little, weighing too much.

That's a hard pill to swallow; the truth has a bitter aftertaste for beginners. Trust us, it gets better with time. The best part is, if you acknowledge now that YOU are the cause of your pain, you can do something about it that doesn't require even more crippling surgeries or medications.

Don't spend the next 20 years popping pills to cure a problem that isn't congenital, hereditary, or genetic. Admit now that it's acquired after years of sitting too long, eating too poorly, and gaining too much weight, and do something about it.

Case In Point

A member of the RebelFamily came out of college feeling lazy and overweight. He was drinking too much, and his back was killing him. As a former athlete, he wasn't used to being this out of shape. He was too young for back pain and too far from the middle-age bulge that hits us as we approach 40.

It took just two months to turn his life around.

With personalized workouts aimed at strengthening his back and shedding weight, he has lost more than 30 pounds!

And he's not done!

Like most of our members, this is just the beginning of a lifelong journey toward better overall health. RebelFit isn't about treadmills and flatscreen TVs. It's about real, noticeable, measurable results. It's about finding effective solutions to the specific problems that keep you from living a life free of pain and full of potential. And it's about finally finding a community that supports you in that journey.

Come on in for a Free Week, and let us show you how much better life can be. Learn more by calling Sean at (603)204-5740 , or fill out our online assessment.