The RebelFit Challenge: How Our Members Lost BodyFat and Felt Better in 6 Weeks

Under the Microscope

When it comes to your weight, body fat percentage, and strength levels, results are all that counts. That's why we put the RebelFit philosophy to the test. Unlike fitness chains that put people on an elliptical machine for 30 minutes a day and shrug when you haven't lost even two pounds in a month, we wanted to prove that our unique approach to fitness actually works. The results will blow you away.

Regime Change

At big gyms, the goal is to sign you up, collect your dues, and let you wander around long enough to realize you don't even know what your fitness goals are, let alone what steps should be taken to achieve them. Our business model is different. Rather than blasting the community with sign-up promotions and hoping only 20% of members show up, we specialize in the results of the individual. Our success is predicated on yours.

What We Do

When you start at RebelFit, we'll put you through a series of tests to gauge your current strength and fitness levels. Your goals are based not on the latest Instagram fads or national trends, but specifically on where you are when you walk in the door and where you want to be when you leave.

What It Takes

We monitor everything. That doesn't mean simply recording the number of sets and reps you knock out in a given workout--though we do that too. We actually watch your technique and provide constant feedback. This not pushes you to achieve the extra few repetitions needed to maximize your gains on any given workout, but it also helps prevent injury by ensuring that your form is correct.

How We Fared

We just completed a six-week program to test the results of our hands-on approach to fitness. We didn't lock people in a closet and feed them bread crumbs and water, and we didn't submit them to hours-long cardio in sauna suits to get the results we wanted. The progress tests were organic, and they were impressive. The rules were simple:

  • attend a gym session three to four days per week

  • cut out added sugar from your daily diet

That's it.

It was a true test of our actual fitness program, not a flashy promotion meant to boost membership by hand-picking semi-pro athletes and having them break a sweat before a camera. Here were the results of our small group:

  • 5 people lost more than 5% bodyfat

  • 6 people lost more than 12 pounds

  • all of them gained muscle mass

If you're ready to see real results in your fitness routine, contact RebelFit today.


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