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We specialize in helping busy professionals feel like athletes again using a mix of body-weight calisthenics, stamina/endurance training, programmed strength, etc.

Join us during one of our classes for a free, one-on-one fitness assessment & see what a typical workout looks like.

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The low lights, loud music, and never really reaching a goal…

The intimidation, discouragement, and boredom of walking into a gym by yourself…

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Our goal is to create something different. Rebelling against a system that believes you need to fit into a box in order to be healthy. I want you here breaking down the wall, stepping out of the box and raising your flag as if to say, “I’m working out so that my life is easier. So my life is filled with fun and activity and I’m not afraid to try anything!”


Meet Sean.

The founder of RebelFit NH, Sean is dedicated to the fitness of each and every person who walks through the door. Sean opened this center 10 years ago to be a haven for people of all ages to address their health and fitness needs. Sean spent the last 25 years learning how to optimize his own health and the health of hundreds of others. 

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RebelFit NH
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Phone: (603) 759-5116

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